How to look for things here

You can search for Controller’s decision on pre-grant opposition through different search terms. You can type the relevant search term on the ‘search box’ on top of the blog and press ‘search blog’ button. Here’s a brief illustration on the ways you can search for decisions using the search box:
  1. Search by party’s name (the applicant or the opponent) you are looking for. For example, type ‘Novartis’ for the decisions concerning Novartis’s applications; type ‘Ranbaxy’ for the decisions where Ranbaxy opposed other’s patent applications.
  2. Search by patent application number. For example, type ‘1602/MAS/1998’ to find the decision concerning the relevant application.
  3. Search by patent office. For example, type ‘BOM’ or ‘MUM’ for the decisions of the Mumbai Patent Office, ‘CHE’ or ‘MAS’ for the Chennai office and so on.
  4. Search by subject. As these decisions figure in the Book in various chapters, you can search by the key word of that chapter. Eg Chapter 10 is titled ‘Strategic Opposition of Patents’. You can get all the decisions in chapter 10 by typing ‘strategy’ in the search box.
  5. To get all the decisions in one page, simply type ‘Controller’s decision’.

You can also click on the ‘Table of cases’ under links which you can find on the left hand side of the blog to get the broad view of the cases discussed in the Book. As most of the decisions were downloaded (in ‘as is where is’ condition) from the Patent Office website, the usual disclaimers apply.

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